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Town Airport name ICAO IATA Usage Customs Runway IFR Rwy length
Agrinion Agrinion AB LGAG AGQ Mil. No Paved No 9600 ft
Alexandria Alexandria Army LGAX   Mil. No Paved No 5900 ft
Alexandroupolis Dimokritos LGAL AXD Civ. Yes Paved Yes 8500 ft
Andravida Andravida AB LGAD PYR Mil. Yes Paved Yes 10100 ft
Araxos Araxos AB LGRX GPA Civ. No Paved Yes 9800 ft
Astypalaia Astypalaia LGPL JTY Civ.   Paved No 3200 ft
Athens Athens LGAT ATH Civ. Yes Paved Yes 11400 ft
Chania Souda AB LGSA CHQ Mil. Yes Paved Yes 10800 ft
Chios Chios LGHI JKH Civ. No Paved Yes 4900 ft
Dekelia Tatoi AB LGTT   Mil. No Paved Yes 4300 ft
Edessa Arnissa   Priv. No Unpaved No 2400 ft
Elefsis Elefsis AB LGEL   Mil. Yes Paved Yes 8900 ft
Epitalion Epitalion LGEP   Civ. No Paved No 2900 ft
Florina Florina   Priv. No Unpaved No 3200 ft
Ikaria Ikaria LGIK   Civ. Yes Paved No 4200 ft
Ioannina Ioannina LGIO IOA Civ. No Paved Yes 7800 ft
Iraklion Nikos Kazantzakis LGIR HER Civ. Yes Paved Yes 8900 ft
Kalamata Kalamata AB LGKL KLX Mil. Yes Paved Yes 8700 ft
Kalamata Triodhon   Civ. No Paved No 3900 ft
Karpathos Karpathos LGKP AOK Civ. No Paved Yes 6800 ft
Kasos Kasos LGKS KSJ Civ. No Paved No 3200 ft
Kasteli Kasteli AB LGTL   Mil. No Paved Yes 8000 ft
Kastelorizo Kastelorizo LGKJ KZS Civ. No Paved No 2600 ft
Kastoria Aristotelis LGKA KSO Civ. No Paved Yes 5300 ft
Kavala Amigdhaleon AB LGKM   Mil. No Paved No 5100 ft
Kavala Megas Alexandros LGKV KVA Civ. O/R Paved Yes 9800 ft
Kefallinia Kefallinia LGKF EFL Civ. Yes Paved Yes 8000 ft
Kerkira Ioannis Kapodistrias LGKR CFU Civ. Yes Paved Yes 7700 ft
Kilkis Nea Kavala Polykastro   Priv. No Unpaved No 2800 ft
Kithira Kithira LGKC KIT Civ. No Paved Yes 4800 ft
Kos Ippokratis LGKO KGS Civ. O/R Paved Yes 7800 ft
Kozani Filippos LGKZ KZI Civ. No Paved Yes 6000 ft
Larisa Larisa AB LGLR LRA Mil. No Paved Yes 11900 ft
Leros Leros LGLE LRS Civ. No Paved No 3300 ft
Limnos Limnos LGLM LXS Civ. Yes Paved Yes 9800 ft
Marathon Kotroni LGKN   Mil. No Paved Yes 1900 ft
Marathon Marathon LGMR   Civ. No Paved No 3800 ft
Megara Megara Army LGMG   Mil. No Paved No 4100 ft
Mikonos Mikonos LGMK JMK Civ. No Paved Yes 6200 ft
Milos Milos LGML MLO Civ. No Paved Yes 2600 ft
Mitilini Odysseas Elytis LGMT MJT Civ. Yes Paved Yes 7900 ft
Naxos Naxos LGNX JNX Civ. No Paved No 2900 ft
Nea Anghialos Nea Anghialos AB LGBL VOL Mil. No Paved Yes 9000 ft
Paros Paros LGPA PAS Civ. No Paved Yes 2300 ft
Porto Cheli Porto Cheli LGHL   Priv. No Paved No 2100 ft
Preveza Aktion AB LGPZ PVK Mil. No Paved Yes 9800 ft
Rodos Diagoras LGRP RHO Civ. Yes Paved Yes 10600 ft
Rodos Maritsa LGRD   Civ. Yes Paved No 7800 ft
Samos Samos LGSM SMI Civ. Yes Paved Yes 6600 ft
Santorini Santorini LGSR JTR Civ. No Paved Yes 6900 ft
Sedes Sedes AB LGSD   Mil. No Unpaved No 4200 ft
Sitia Sitia LGST JSH Civ. No Paved No 2300 ft
Skiathos Skiathos LGSK JSI Civ. No Paved Yes 5200 ft
Skiros Skiros AB LGSY SKU Civ. No Paved No 9800 ft
Sparti Sparti LGSP SPJ Civ.   Paved No 3200 ft
Stefanovikion Stefanovikion Army LGSV   Mil. No Paved No 5200 ft
Syros Syros LGSO JSY Civ. No Paved No 3500 ft
Tanagra Tanagra AB LGTG   Mil. No Paved Yes 9800 ft
Thessaloniki Makedonia LGTS SKG Civ. Yes Paved Yes 8000 ft
Tripolis Tripolis AB LGTP   Mil. No Paved No 6300 ft
Tympaki Tympaki AB   Mil. No Paved No 9000 ft
Volos Volos Army LGVO   Mil. No Paved No 3900 ft
Zakinthos Dionysios Solomos LGZA ZTH Civ. Yes Paved Yes 7200 ft

Explanations on technical data

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a 4-letter airport location indicator. The field above is left blank if no ICAO location indicator is available for the selected airport.
International Air Transport Association (IATA), a 3-letter identifier for the relevant airport. The field above is left blank if no IATA code is available for the selected airport.
Airports are classified in three categories: civil airports open for public use, military airports and private airports not open to the public. Airports that are joint use, both civil and military, are shown as civil airports.
Civ. Civil airport, open for public use (including joint use).
Mil. Military airport, not open for public use.
Priv. Private airport, not open for public use.
Yes Customs service available during airport operating hours.
No Customs service not available.
O/R Airport has customs service, prior notification is required.
Pto. Airport has part-time customs service available, not necessarily identical to the airport hours.
ADCUS An airport within the USA for which the FAA 'ADCUS' method of prior notification may be used.
ADCUS O/R An airport within the USA for which the FAA 'ADCUS' method of prior notification may be used but where restrictions apply.
Identification of the surface of the longest runway available:
Paved Paved (hard surface) runway
Unpaved Unpaved (soft surface) runway (Only lighter aircraft)
Water Water (for float planes)
This field indicates if the airport has any officially published instrument approach procedure.
Yes Instrument approach procedure is published.
No Instrument approach procedure is not published. (Airport not suitable for traffic during bad weather or darkness.)
Runway Length
Shows the length in feet of the longest runway available at the selected airport, rounded down to the next full hundred feet. If the airport has both hard (paved) and soft (unpaved) runways, the length of the longest hard surface runway is shown. If the longest runway is both, hard and soft surface, the length of the hard surface portion is shown.
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