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Town Airport name ICAO IATA Usage Customs Runway IFR Rwy length
Alamo Alamo Landing L92   Civ.   Unpaved No 5000 ft
Amargosa Valley Jackass U75   Civ.   Unpaved No 6200 ft
Austin Austin ASQ Civ.   Paved No 6000 ft
Battle Mountain Battle Mountain KBAM BAM Civ.   Paved Yes 7300 ft
Beatty Beatty KBTY BTY Civ.   Paved No 5600 ft
Boulder City Boulder City Mun BLD Civ. No Paved No 4800 ft
Cal Nev Ari Kidwell   Civ.   Unpaved No 4100 ft
Carson City Carson KCXP CSN Civ.   Paved No 5900 ft
Carson City Parker Carson   Civ.   Unpaved No 2200 ft
Crescent Valley Crescent Valley U74   Civ.   Unpaved No 5400 ft
Currant Currant Ranch   Civ.   Unpaved No 5100 ft
Dayton/Carson City Dayton Valley   Civ.   Paved No 5300 ft
Duckwater Duckwater   Civ.   Unpaved No 3400 ft
Dyer Dyer   Civ.   Unpaved No 2800 ft
Elko Elko Mun-Harris KEKO EKO Civ. No Paved Yes 7200 ft
Ely Ely KELY ELY Civ.   Paved Yes 6000 ft
Empire Empire   Civ.   Unpaved No 3700 ft
Eureka Eureka EUE Civ.   Paved No 7300 ft
Fallon Fallon Mun KFLX FLX Civ.   Paved Yes 5700 ft
Fallon Fallon Nas KNFL NFL Mil.   Paved Yes 14000 ft
Fernley Tiger N58   Civ.   Unpaved No 4100 ft
Gabbs Gabbs KGAB GAB Civ.   Unpaved No 5900 ft
Goldfield Goldfield   Civ.   Unpaved No 3100 ft
Goldfield Lida Junction   Civ.   Unpaved No 6400 ft
Hawthorne Hawthorne Mun KHTH HTH Civ.   Paved No 4800 ft
Indian Springs Indian Springs Af Aux KINS INS Mil.   Paved No 9000 ft
Jackpot Jackpot/Hayden KPT Civ.   Paved No 6200 ft
Jean Jean   Civ.   Unpaved No 4600 ft
Las Vegas Henderson L15 HSH Civ.   Paved No 5000 ft
Las Vegas Mc Carran Intl KLAS LAS Civ. ADCUS Paved Yes 14500 ft
Las Vegas Nellis Afb KLSV LSV Mil.   Paved Yes 10100 ft
Las Vegas North Las Vegas KVGT VGT Civ.   Paved Yes 5000 ft
Lovelock Derby KLOL LOL Civ.   Paved Yes 5400 ft
Mesquite Mesquite   Civ.   Paved Yes 5100 ft
Mina Mina   Civ.   Unpaved No 4600 ft
Minden Minden-Tahoe KMEV MEV Civ.   Paved Yes 7300 ft
North Fork Stevens Crosby   Civ.   Unpaved No 3600 ft
Overton Echo Bay   Civ.   Paved No 3400 ft
Overton Perkins U08   Civ.   Paved No 4800 ft
Owyhee Owyhee   Civ.   Paved No 6700 ft
Pahrump Hidden Hills L57   Civ.   Unpaved No 4000 ft
Panaca Lincoln Co   Civ.   Paved No 4600 ft
Reno Reno/Stead   Civ.   Paved Yes 8000 ft
Reno Reno/Tahoe Intl KRNO RNO Civ.   Paved Yes 11000 ft
Reno Spanish Springs N86   Civ.   Unpaved No 3000 ft
Round Mountain Hadley   Civ.   Paved No 6700 ft
Ruby Valley Ft Ruby Ranch   Civ.   Unpaved No 4500 ft
Sandy Valley Sky Ranch   Civ.   Paved No 3300 ft
Searchlight Searchlight   Civ.   Paved No 5000 ft
Silver Springs Silver Springs B08   Civ.   Unpaved No 7200 ft
Smith Rosaschi N59   Civ.   Paved No 4800 ft
Tonopah Tonopah KTPH TPH Civ.   Paved Yes 7000 ft
Wells Wells Mun/Harriet KLWL LWL Civ.   Paved No 5500 ft
Winnemucca Winnemucca Mun KWMC WMC Civ.   Paved Yes 7000 ft
Yerington Yerington Mun O43 EYR Civ.   Paved No 5800 ft

Explanations on technical data

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a 4-letter airport location indicator. The field above is left blank if no ICAO location indicator is available for the selected airport.
International Air Transport Association (IATA), a 3-letter identifier for the relevant airport. The field above is left blank if no IATA code is available for the selected airport.
Airports are classified in three categories: civil airports open for public use, military airports and private airports not open to the public. Airports that are joint use, both civil and military, are shown as civil airports.
Civ. Civil airport, open for public use (including joint use).
Mil. Military airport, not open for public use.
Priv. Private airport, not open for public use.
Yes Customs service available during airport operating hours.
No Customs service not available.
O/R Airport has customs service, prior notification is required.
Pto. Airport has part-time customs service available, not necessarily identical to the airport hours.
ADCUS An airport within the USA for which the FAA 'ADCUS' method of prior notification may be used.
ADCUS O/R An airport within the USA for which the FAA 'ADCUS' method of prior notification may be used but where restrictions apply.
Identification of the surface of the longest runway available:
Paved Paved (hard surface) runway
Unpaved Unpaved (soft surface) runway (Only lighter aircraft)
Water Water (for float planes)
This field indicates if the airport has any officially published instrument approach procedure.
Yes Instrument approach procedure is published.
No Instrument approach procedure is not published. (Airport not suitable for traffic during bad weather or darkness.)
Runway Length
Shows the length in feet of the longest runway available at the selected airport, rounded down to the next full hundred feet. If the airport has both hard (paved) and soft (unpaved) runways, the length of the longest hard surface runway is shown. If the longest runway is both, hard and soft surface, the length of the hard surface portion is shown.
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